PDF Assembly instructions

When you first unbox your wooden model kit, you'll quickly realize there are a lot of little parts! Each piece is an important component that assists your 3D puzzle in becoming fully operational. Luckily, each kit also comes with detailed instructions, which you can find as a booklet in the kit box or online right here.

Quick Access to Instructions

We know how easy it is to misplace a booklet. If you can't find yours or you simply want to be able to view each step on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, you're in the right place. You'll find a complete list of assembly instructions for our UGEARS kits below in PDF format. In addition, we have added same links within the models pages for easier access.

Not a Gear Out of a Place

Our instructional booklets include detailed images to show you just where and how each of the mechanical gears and pieces fits together, so you end up with everything where it should be. We also include an image of the fully assembled model for your convenience.

Mechanical Etui  Theater Tractor
20 min Timer Dynamometer Trailer for tractor
Tram with Rails Pneumatic Engine Combine
Safe Locomotive with Tender Railway Platform
Rails with Crossing Truck UGM-11 Additions for the Truck
Mechanical Flower Combination Lock Fire Truck with Ladder
Truck with Tanker Tram Line Date Navigator
U-Fidget Ships U-Fidget Planes/Airships U-Fidget Vehicles
U-Fidget Tribiks U-Fidget Tribiks Rail Manipulator
Hurdy-Gurdy Treasure Box Robot Factory
U-9 Grand Prix Car Handgun Flexi-Cubus
Archballista - Tower Stagecoach U-Fidgets Creations
Roadster VM-01 Bike VM-02 Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

Trailer for Heavy

Boy Truck VM-03


Happy New Gear




(Clarification Page)



V-Express Steam

Train with Tender

Tower Windmill Aviator Royal Carriage (Limited Edition)
Dream Cabriolet Flight Starter Wheel-Organizer
Dice Keeper Deck Box Modular Dice tower
Card Holder Game Master's Screen Tugboat
Monowheel Butterfly Steampunk Clock
Antique Box STEM Pendulum STEM Counter
STEM Gearbox STEM Differential Carousel
Globus Mars Buggy Cash Register
Research Vessel Scrambler UGR-10 STEM Curvimeter
Nativity Scene Mini Buggy